Beaches around Torrevieja and Guardamar, Spain

Campoamar BeachThe beaches at Guardamar del Segura are some of the best on the Costa Blanca and some of the best Spanish beaches that you will find anywhere. There are eight beaches in total which extend to almost 14 kilometres. From north to south, the beaches of Guardamar are Los Tusales (the naturist beach), Los Viveros, De la Babiḷnia, Playa Centro, La Roqueta, El Moncayo, Playa del Campo and Les Ortigues. One thing they all have in common though is their high quality sand, their length and the background of dunes planted with pines, eucalyptus and palm trees.

Although the beaches at Guardamar are popular, compared to other parts of the coast overcrowding is not really an issue here. The beaches are all fairly deep, leaving space for everyone to enjoy the warmth of the Costa Blanca sunshine on some of the finest beaches in Spain whatever the time of year.

Sun beds are available in most places and the Guardamar beaches are cleaned on a daily basis so you should find them in pristine condition throughout the year. Lifeguards are also present throughout the summer months. On the central beaches such as Playa Centro and La Roqueta you will find extra facilities such as water sports. There are also some small beach bars present, making the beach a nice place to go for a quiet drink on the warm evenings.

Playa Los TusalesGuardamar Playa del Campomar is at the southern end of Guardamar. This is the nearest beach to Villa Oasis at approx. 6km distance and only 5 minutes drive away.

Guardamar Moncayo beach - Playa del Moncaio, is the next beach going northwards from Playa del Campomar.
Next, going northwards is Roqueta Beach - Playa la Roqueta.
Next, is Centro Beach - Playa Centro.
Next, going northwards, is Guardamar Playa de le Babilonia - After the Centro beach follows the Playa de le Babilonia, where you will see the old fishermens cottages.

Next, the Vivers Beach - Guardamar Playa del Vivers. Also here, you will see the Dunas De Guardamar and a little further on, the mouth of the river Segura and the Marina de las Dunas of Guardamar del Segura.

Next, Guardamar Playa Los Tusales - This beach is on the other side of the river Segura going out of Guardamar. Although a bit further to drive, this is especially beautiful as few make the effort to get here.